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Our Maltese
Our adult Maltese dogs are very small and weigh between 2.4kgs and 4kgs at maturity and are 8-10 inches high at the shoulder. They are very much a part of our family and we couldn’t imagine our lives without them. They all have their own unique personalities and are all very loving, placid, friendly wee dogs with silky coats and baby doll faces and they bring us much enjoyment.
LILLY is ultra friendly and has to be the first one to greet our visitors. She weighs just 2.6kgs and has a very loving nature and is one very pampered wee pooch!
TUPPENCE is a very petite Maltese weighing just 2.4kgs. This little darling has an outgoing personality, is very outgoing and adores cuddles.
Teyah is so playful and loves being the centre of attention. Here she is relaxing on our daughters bean bag after a busy day playing!
DAISY is a real sweet-heart. She has such a gentle nature and is always showered with affection by my daughters as she is their dog - they adore her and call her 'the Queen' and she certainly gets treated as royalty! Daisy is Lilly's daughter and weighs 3.0kgs.
HASBRO is our tiny Male weighing just 2.4kgs! He's full of personality and is very affectionate, and loves to play as he has so much energy and brings us much joy.
JARNAH is a very small Maltese weighing only 2.6kgs! She is very much the lady around here and is most content laying on her back on someones lap getting her tummy rubbed, or being carried around.
BUBBLES has a very sweet personality and loves to be on someones lap! She is NZKC registered and has lines from Ameica, Australia, Japan and New Zealand in her pedigree with many Champions in her bloodlines. Bubbles weighs 2.8kgs.
MIA is a beautiful loving girl with a loving, outgoing personality and loves to play. She has a gorgeous white coat and loves to be pampered and her favourite spot is cuddling in under your chin.
ODIE has a terrific personality and is a very playful dog. He boasts 7 Champions in his pedigree.
JONTI is best described as 'A Gentleman'. He is very loyal, placid and has a certain presence about him - hes just amazing and is an awesome Stud Dog. Jonti weighs 3.5 kgs and is two years old.
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