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Happy Homes - feedback from buyers of Fanfare Maltese Puppies
Hi Toni,

Thankyou so much for our Bella, she instantly became one of the family. She has a beautiful nature, very loyal and excellent with our three young children. Bella exceeded all expectations - she is such a beautiful puppy.

Thankyou once again, Shelly. - Auckland

Dear Toni,

We love our Poppet to bits. She is such a sweet, friendly little dog and loves EVERYBODY!! From day one she had us wrapped around her little toe! Nothing could have prepared us for the size of her character, and she's only five months old!! We find her loving, loyal and lively and we wouldn't be without her. Thank you for our newest little friend!

Love Tracey. - Tauranga

Dear Toni,

We would like to say a huge thank you to you and your family for our gorgeous boy Famous. It’s amazing what delight our small bundle of fluff has brought to our home. He has immediately become another family member with his bold, happy and extrovert personality. He gives love and licks to everyone he meets and they all want to take him home with them! Toni is an amazing breeder whose love, care and passion for the Maltese is second-to-none, and after the first meeting with her at her home we immediately paid a deposit for the next litter available, and we couldn’t be happier. You can’t go wrong with one of these home- socialized pups and we would highly recommend them to anyone wanting a small breed dog. I have waited my whole life for a puppy and I certainly think the wait was worth our little Famous.

Love from, Jennie and Ned Karam Auckland

Hi Toni

Mia is not only a fantastic dog but she is more part of the family than anything else. She loves to be cuddled, I vowed I'ld never have a dog in my bed and then thought whats the point of her in a bed on the floor when she can share my bed. She has learnt how to strut her stuff in the show ring for ribbon days and loves to play with kids and all other dogs. I dont know what I'd have done without Mia and the unconditional love she gives our family. I cant wait to get another Maltese from Toni because of how great Mia is. Toni thankyou for bringing Mia into our lives.

Hugs, Louise. - Tauranga

Hello Toni

We first saw our puppy at the age of 4 weeks, and knew straightaway that he was the ‘one’. Merlin is now 5 months old and is an absolute treasure. Already toilet trained and very affectionate. Since being the proud owner of such a beautiful boy I haven’t yet seen another Maltese that can compare, he is a real credit to Toni and I highly recommend her family reared puppies to anyone who wants a companion. My partner said if I got a puppy he was moving out, now he says he’s moving out with the puppy. Thanks again Toni we love Merlin heaps.

Sue Anderson & Martin Lovell - Tauranga

Hi Toni

We are very pleased with Cookie - he has been doing great ever since we brought him home. We didnt have to toilet train him, he is already very well trained. We didnt have to enclose him in a small space while toilet training. He is open to our whole house and is only 12 weeks old. We are very glad that we brought Cookie from a breeder this time. Thank you very much for your help in everything you did for us to have Cookie. But all the thanks goes to Bubbles his Mummy! :)

Kris, Auckland "

Hi Toni,

Max is wonderful. He's got the most lovely nature and is an absolute star where-ever I take him. He's incredibly loyal, smoochy and playful. I've never had a dog before, so wasn't quite prepared for the unconditional love Max gives. He's awesome! I can't believe how quickly he adapted to his new home either. No fuss. When it comes to routine he's caught on so quickly as well - toilet training, bedtime... so intelligent. I'd recommend Maltese to anyone wanting a companion dog. - Rebecca, Tauranga.

Hi Toni,

Thanks for much for Conan. He is a wonderful wee pup with a very lovable character. He’s a hit with visitors & loves to be patted & cuddled. He’s adapted really well to our home & the kids love him! It was fantastic having the regular updates on Conan & great having the photos you sent through as well. I find it very hard being away from him & think about him all the time! He really has become part of our family in such a short time. Thanks heaps!

Kris - Wellington

Hi Toni,

Rani is such a fantastic little man. He flew to Dunedin via air freight, and when I opened his crate to see if he was alright, I melted. His little face was squashed against the bars and his little tail straight in the air wagging away. He has or actually we have slotted into his life. He has his basket in the lounge but prefers to sit with everyone. If someone gets up to get something, Rani has to investigate. Rani has a personality 10 feet tall, he looks up at you and when you lean down to play he gets so excited and thinks he can jump up into your arms. At night after he gets fed he jumps into his basket for sleep. He doesn't make any noise till he hears us getting up in the morning then he's up to investigate who's up! I haven't taken Rani out yet as we're waiting for his last vacc before we show the whole of Dunedin. Friends that have come over to see our new addition, all want to take him home. He is the most beautiful boy I have ever come across, he learns so quickly and very loyal. Thank you Toni, we love Rani to bits and couldn't imagine not having him - he's a small bundle of soft fluff! I still want to get a playmate for Rani and would love her to come from you. Have a great New Year.

Sharon Taylor - Dunedin

Toni was so great and helpful to us, as soon as I visited her and her family I knew that i wanted one of her dogs. I had been and looked at other toy dogs in my search for the perfect addition to my family. I previously had a chihuahua for 16 years that had passed on. I had gone though the whole list from chihuahuas to bichons in my search for the six months pier to meeting Toni. I had very specific things that I wanted from a puppy and Toni's maltese hit the mark on all accounts. She made sure that Martini was the perfect dog for us. I wanted a handbag dog that could come with me wherever I wanted. Martini has had no problems adjusting to his new life with us. Toilet training and obedience training has been a breeze, and everyone that meets him wants to take him home. He gets so much attention from the public that i worry about him getting touched so much. Over easter weekend I counted about fifty people who bailed us up for a pat just on one day ,its crazy. He has been an absolute joy and makes me so happy. Its not often that you can buy yourself a new best friend. I can without a doubt recommend a Fanfare Maltese to anyone considering a new puppy. Toni's weekly updates on your baby and compassionate, caring nature made the whole experience an absolute joy. She answered all my questions and is so passionate about the breed. If you're thinking about it-do it. I haven't regretted it and I'd love to get Martini a little friend later on down the track. I'll be back, for sure.

Kindest regards, Rachael, Mt Maunganui

Dear Toni,

Thanks for giving us the opportunity of having Valentine, our little bundle of joy. He's just turned 12 weeks old, such a wonderful new member of our family. We've only had him for 3½ weeks but we feel like we wouldn't be with out him. A healthy and energetic puppy; who flew down to Christchurch on Air New Zealand in his own voyager crate with many helpful information, treats and puppy toys. Dealing with you has been a pleasurable experience, and thank you for your assistance, and we hope all the best to you, your family and your future puppies.

Love Sophia, Allan and Peter, Christchurch

Dear Toni,

Our family is so lucky to be the proud owners of two beautiful Maltese puppies!! From the day they came home, our lives have never been the same. They are the most loving and adorable dogs ever. Molly is the smaller of the two, but is far more adventurous. Toby is very handsome and has a fun-loving personality. They are fantastic with our three children, and go to my husbands office once a week and sit under his desk!! (They always come home smelling of perfume!!) We would recommend to anyone wanting a Maltese, to contact Toni. She has a wonderful heart, and her dogs and pups are number one. From the moment they were born, we had emails and photo's sent regularly from Toni. She also provided us with a great puppy pack and plenty of tips to help us through the first few weeks. Thanks Toni for our adorable pups.

With love Rachel Willetts and family.

Hello Toni,

Tiger lily is a delightful wee dog and has fitted into our family very well. She has been surprisingly easy to train and has now matured into quite an independent dog however is never happier than when she is sleeping on her mistresses lap whilst she plays the piano!

We feel like we have known Tiger lily since she was born and still have photos of her as a tiny pup which is always nice to look back on. Toni made the process of buying her a very easy one, especially as we were unable to go and see Tiger lily in the early stages, we were sent photos regularly and kept informed of her development, and weight which became a challenge for the children as they ran to the food cupboard to match her weight up with a packet of Foodstuff!!

I think Tiger lily really is the perfect little girls dog as she never gets cross with my daughter even when she is made to wear dolls clothes, be carried in a backpack or pram as she just loves to be cuddled and pampered!!!

Many thanks Toni for making the purchase of Tiger lily a smooth and easy one.

Muriel - Gisborne

Hello Toni,

I just thought id email you and say that Apple is just gorgeous, she's a little sweet heart all that i could have ever wanted. She plays with me till i cant play any more and then she will have a sleep and look so cute id rather watch her that the television, she has her own little charter and is so wonderful, mischievous she is but i already love her so much, thanks again Toni.

Alice Athens – Auckland

Hi Toni,

Little Coco Chanel is doing very well – growing by the day. She has become a real part of our family and we love her dearly. She has had all of her shots and worming and is very healthy and strong with a beautiful coat, which I am going to let grow long. She loves the water and has no trouble with her baths, although she tries to eat the brush constantly. She has also discovered the warmth under our duvet cover in the early hours of the morning which is really cute – she cuddles up and sleeps until about 8.30am.

Kind regards Janine, Auckland

Thankyou so much for wee Sophie, she is an absolute delight. We did have mixed feelings of getting another Maltese after the deaths of our previous pair, but nothing could have prepared us for the way Sophie has captivated our hearts!

It was wonderful to spend some time with you and family, a delight to watch all your little dogs interact with each other and us. Was difficult to come away with just one wee furchild.

Sophie has slotted into our lives as if she has always been here, has just started obedience classes, which she loves to be at. Has no fear of any other dogs, expects them to love her as she loves anything with four legs, she is very intelligent, and just loves to play with the Burmese that I breed.

Regards Trish

Hi Toni

Bracken is absolutely wonderful and is so full of life he exhausts us all.

Willow is just adorable and is like my shadow and we love them both to bits. Thank you for our two beautiful maltese puppies.

Speak soon, Annette – Marton

Hi Toni,

Louie is a super little guy and we all love him to bits. He has had lots of cuddles, handling and affection by us and everyone he is introduced to, so he is very relaxed.

He has a beautiful personality anyway and has been a pleasure as our new member of the family. His toilet training is going well, he has a hearty appetite (and is very spoilt !!). And we think he is a star at puppy pre-school !!!

Take care and best wishes.

Greenwood Family.

Hi Toni

Bracken is absolutely wonderful and is so full of life he exhausts us all.

Willow is just adorable and is like my shadow and we love them both to bits. Thank you for our two beautiful maltese puppies.

Speak soon, Annette – Marton

Thank you Toni once again... our little girl Kahli is a dream. Nine months ago we were waiting at the airport for our little boy Rani to arrive. We really wanted him to have a little friend. Toni has come to the rescue and sent us Kahli, Rani's new play friend. They get along like they had been together forever. We had no unsettled nights or wees and poos inside as Rani has modelled great toileting behaviour for our wee girl.

Thanks Toni we couldn't be happier with our two bundles of joy.


Buddie has been the best purchase I’ve ever made. He is such a good wee boy with the best personality! Every one loves him and my friends who looked after him while I was away said he was a pleasure and it would never be a problem to look after him again. My parents have fallen in love with him and being ‘big dog’ fans I was surprised how attached they have become and I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear from them at the end of winter about getting one. I personally think you are a fantastic breeder as my little Budd is the best dog ever and I love him to pieces.

Debbie Hart, Wanaka


Thank you so much for Molly, she has fitted right in with our family and the kids just adore her. The continuous updates and photos of Molly from the time she was born until we took her home were just wonderful and really helped with us bonding with her.

Thank you again, it has been a real pleasure,

~The Corse-Scott's~

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