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We adore our Maltese and know that each individual that adopts a puppy from us will find it a truly wonderful experience.

Maltese are a gentle, loving, sweet natured, trusting and are highly intelligent. They are a wonderful companion with a luxurious silky white coat hanging straight to the ground. They are bold and quick to sound the alarm if they hear suspicious or unfamiliar sounds.

The NZKC Official Breed Standard characterises these dogs as having "Sweet temperaments and very intelligent, happy dogs".

We pride ourselves on the beautiful placid natures of our dogs and our aim is to breed Maltese who are small and healthy with gentle, sweet and loving temperments as our top priorities, as our puppies often go to family homes with young children.

Maltese are a very special breed and make the most wonderful pets. They are very loyal companions, excellent company for the elderly yet are perfect for a family. They don't require much exercise and are happy just running around at home or in a small yard. Their sweet and loving nature along with their intelligent personalities make these little 'Angels' a pleasure and a joy to own.

Maltese don't shed hair or mault like many other breeds so are a great choice of pet for people who suffer allergies. Also they don't have a 'doggy' smell as some dogs with undercoats do.

Please have a look around and feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. We hope you enjoy your visit! Contact us for information on upcoming litters.

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